The Most Popular Content Management System (CMS) Utilized in Designing Alabama State Counties Website

There are various options for choosing a content management system for a County website from open source to closed and proprietary CMS. To check the most popular CMS used by the Alabama State Counties, we took a deep dive to better understand what CMS the Alabama State Counties are using to power their websites.

This chart shows the share of content management system used for designing and developing Alabama State Counties website. The chart shows the CMS used for each county’s website. NA shows that the CMS is unknown. For identifying website CMS we utilized different tools including Wappalyzer, Builtwith, IsItWP, WhatCMS, WPThemeDetector, and Gochyu – Theme Detector,


  • The Alabama State County websites are using 19 different website CMS platforms.
  • About 18% of the Alabama State County website do not have an identifiable CMS platform.
  • 64% of Alabama State County website choose an Open Source CMS platform solution
  • WordPress is the most used CMS platform.

WordPress is the choice of CMS for designing counties website of Alabama State.

Out of 67 counties of Alabama State, 17 counties uses WordPress as preferred choice of CMS for county website. Let’s have a look at what WordPress theme they are using.

Majority of the Alabama State County websites built on WordPress CMS prefers using custom design over ready to use theme.

Open Source Vs. Proprietary CMS in Alabama State County websites

% of Adoption

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